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  • 2014′s most anticipated Horror movies

    We are almost half way through 2014 (I am writing this at the end of May) and there have been some reasonably good horror movies already released but in my opinion the best horrors are still to come. I have a few horror movies here that you should be excited about seeing! Especially if your […]

  • 5 “easter eggs” you missed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    SPOILER ALERT: We have some spoilers in the easter eggs list. With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (review) being released in both the UK and the US now I have put together a short list of Easter eggs from the movie that some of you probably haven’t noticed, yet! You will kick yourself for not noticing them once […]

  • Nicolas Cage Talks National Treasure 3

    Nicolas Cage was recently interviewed by NDTV, mostly about his trip to India and his desire to work in India and be part of a Bollywood movie. The last question though was all about National Treasure 3. He tells his interviewer that “everyone wants to do it“. Cage also goes on to to confirm exactly why National […]

  • Top 5 movies to watch this Mothers Day 2014

    With Mothers day 2014 in the US coming quickly I thought I would put together a list of 5 movies you and you Mum, I should say Mom, can watch after you give her some nice flowers and maybe even cook her a meal! Here are my picks for 2014 Mothers Day movies. 5. Mamma […]

  • Top 5 Horror movies of 2013

    This is a little late but I have been so busy with other parts of the website that I just couldn’t get around to this. I know, I am a horror movie fan and I couldn’t spare 10 minutes to just list my favorite horror movies of 2013… Poor excuse, eh. 2013 was a really good […]

  • Introducing the Cast of Mrs Browns Boys

    Mrs Brown’s Boys is a UK comedy TV show which will be hitting the big screen this summer. Now as we know that a lot of our readers may not have heard of Mrs Browns Boys we have decided to share some of the main character backgrounds of the show! Agnes Brown Since the death of her […]

  • Jerry Bruckheimer talks about National Treasure 3… AGAIN! (2014)

    This movie seems like one of those that just never get done, even though everyone talks about it. National Treasure 3 has been “in the works” for a little over FOREVER, or to be a little more exact about 6 years. In those 6 years we haven’t really had much in the way of official National […]

  • Zack Snyder explains how Man Of Steel 2 became Batman Vs. Superman

    I am pretty sure every comic book, superhero and even movie lover let their inner child scream with delight when Batman Vs. Superman was announced, I certainly did. Batman and Superman are probably 2 of the best known superheros of modern time, a fight between the both should be an EPIC blockbuster. And yet this may […]

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Scorned writer Sadie Katz

    This is the second Scorned interview I have conducted. We also have the Mark Jones interview so make sure you give that a read after reading what Sadie Katz had to say about her new Horror movie Scorned. Hello Sadie, I am Nathan Payne from Trailer geek and I would like to thank you for taking time to […]

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Scorned Director Mark Jones

    Recently I had the opportunity to interview the Director and writer of Scorned, Mark Jones, and his co-writer Sadi Katz. As this is in fact our FIRST interview things may not be great but I am sure you will agree it was a good first interview. Going forward I will announce on Facebook and Twitter […]

  • Fan Film – Pennywise, Stephen King’s IT

    While doing my usual surfing of horror forums I came across a fan film inspired by Stephen King’s IT, which by the way is being remade! This fan film does suffer from the ususal fan film issues – poor acting and poor dialouge, especially at the beginning but it does get a lot better through […]

  • Michael Keaton is confirmed for Beetlejuice 2? He says “Yes”

    Thats right! Michael Keaton has been confirmed for the Beetlejuice 2 movie! When TMZ caught up with Keaton asking him about his involvement he simply replied with “Yes”. So, as long as he wasn’t just saying that to shut the asker up we will see the original Beetlejuice in the 2nd movie! This is something […]

Why Trailer Geek Loves Movie Trailers

Trailer Geek (Me, Nathan Payne) is, as the name of the website shows, a huge fan and lover of watching a few movie trailers online and even before a movie at the cinema. I have always loved watching them even as a young boy, I remember I used to actually rewind my VHS movies to watch the trailers over and over again! Why I done this and why I like trailers so much is simple. Its literally the best bits of a movie packed into a few minutes, what more can you ask?!

I will be uploading movie trailers from some of the biggest movies, I will try not to make the site full of horror trailers and horror movies - I am a big fan of the horror genre in general.

I am currently looking for a movie reviewer and general news reporter for the Trailer Geek website, if you think you can do a good job then get in touch through our Facebook.