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Watch and share the latest movies trailers from the biggest and most anticiapted upcoming movies and films. We have classic and new movie trailers available on Trailer Geek, we aim to update our website with the latest movie trailers as they are released. If you have been looking for a retro or classic movie trailer then let us know on social media and we will do our best to add it to our growing library.

We also have 2015 movies trailers available if you want to watch the new trailer releases for the year coming.


Explosions, Guns, Adrenaline... The 3 words most of us associated with action movies. There are plenty of action movies in the upcoming movies list with the likes of Taken 3, Blackhat, San Andreas and London Has Fallen.

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Going to the movies should be away of relaxing and there is no better way than being taking on a trip with a great adventure movie. With movie like National Treasure 3 being rumored and the soon to be released Paddington Bear not forgetting the highly anticipated Jurassic World coming out in 2015.

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Some of the biggest ever blockbusters are animated movies, basically anything from Disney Pixar is considered a blockbuster before you even see the movie trailer or poster! Then again with movies like Toy Story, Monsters and Finding Nemo coming from Disney/Pixar expectation is always going to be high. Speaking of Finding Nemo, the sequel to that is coming in the form of Finding Dory and another rumor on the upcoming movies list is Toy Story 4.

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Ha ha ha... There some awesome upcoming comedy movies for 2015. Entourage, The Wedding Ringer, Ted 2 and the fan favorite Clerks 3 are all due for a 2015 release.

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Personally my favorite genre. You will never beat a good horror movie that build suspense and gives your frights when you DON'T expect them! 2015's Upcoming horror movies consist of Insidious Part 3, Goosebumps, Paranormal Activity 5 and Sinister 2.

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