National Treasure 3

National Treasure 3 Movie
Directed By
Jon Turteltaub
Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Sean Bean, Jon Voight

The 2004 Disney blockbuster National Treasure, starring the one and only Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates a historian and cryptologist, is due for to become a trilogy with the announcement of National Treasure 3. It was rumoured to have a 2012/2013 date but has since been delayed for a future release date and then it was rumoured to be a 2015 movie – as of yet it has no actual date for release but we are all hopeful. Disney’s third instalment of movie will more than likely follow on from the second movie where the very talked about “Page 47” is questioned by the President of the United States. Ben Gates, Nicholas Cage,  will have to decode what ever mysteries page 47 of “The Book Of Secrets” holds. I did have a theory that it would be around the fountain of youth but Pirates of the Caribbean 4 covered that and I doubt 2 movies would cover the same subject. Unless both movies cross over? Seeing as its a few years since that movie it could be very likely that the fountain of youth is still a possibility.

National Treasure 3 starring Nicolas Cage

National Treasure 3 starring Nicolas Cage

Other possibilities for national treasure 3 I have thought about have been Roswell, Titanic, Area 51 and even Atlantis. Personally I would like something a little more “known”, by that I mean a topic that a lot of people will know about instantly just mentioning a couple of words e.g. Roswell and Area 51. My reason for this? Well, I just like the idea of Ben Gates being able to explain something that thousands of us have read, researched and been interested about for years. It would of course make the movie harder to write as a lot of research will have to be conducted in order to make sure a movie critic doesn’t blow a huge whole in the story! It would make it worth while in my opinion. There is one problem I see with the story regardless of what is about. If the movie is an exact continuation then all should be OK, but considering its been multiple years since the second movie and all the actors look older (of course) the movie will have to really be set at the same time as its release year. This means that the President that asked about page 47 will more than likely not be the active President at that time… Or if he is then he must be one VERY good President 🙂

Movie Updates

I will be keeping this page updated, as much as I can, with pictures, videos and more importantly the Official National Treasure 3 trailer when its released by Disney, as well as the actual movie plot! Since this page was created back when the movie was first “announced” and rumoured, there has been very little in the way of updates but I have added a short movie review and I am in the process of getting the sequel reviewed also as well as high quality movie trailers below. One thing that has happened though is Nicolas Cage was interviewed and asked about NT3 amongst other things. I would love to hear what you readers think the third movie will be about, leave a comment below and we can start a rumour/wish list. 

Disney are still actively considering National Treasure 3 as of 2016, with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney officials still talking things over. via Cinema Blend

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