National Treasure 3

The 2004 Disney blockbuster National Treasure, starring the one and only Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates a historian and cryptologist, is due for to become a trilogy with the announcement of National Treasure 3. It was rumored to have a 2012/2013 date but has since been delayed for a 2014 release date and then it was rumored to be a 2015 movie – as of yet it has no actual date for release but we are all hopeful. Disney’s third installment of movie will more than likely follow on from the second movie where the very talked about “Page 47” is questioned by the President of the United States. Ben Gates, Nicholas Cage,  will have to decode what ever mysteries page 47 of “The Book Of Secrets” holds. I did have a theory that it would be around the fountain of youth but Pirates of the Caribbean 4 covered that and I doubt 2 movies would cover the same subject. Unless both movies cross over? Seeing as its a few years since that movie it could be very likely that the fountain of youth is still a possibility.

Other possibilities I have thought about have been Roswell, Titanic, Area 51 and even Atlantis. Personally I would like something a little more “known”, by that I mean a topic that a lot of people will know about instantly just mentioning a couple of words e.g. Roswell and Area 51. My reason for this? Well, I just like the idea of Ben Gates being able to explain something that thousands of us have read, researched and been interested about for years. It would of course make the movie harder to write as a lot of research will have to be conducted in order to make sure a movie critic doesn’t blow a huge whole in the story! It would make it worth while in my opinion. There is one problem I see with the story regardless of what is about. If the movie is an exact continuation then all should be ok, but considering its been multiple years since the second movie and all the actors look older (of course) the movie will have to really be set at the same time as its release year. This means that the President that asked about page 47 will more than likely not be the active President at that time… Or if he is then he must be one VERY good President :)

Movie Updates

I will be keeping this page updated, as much as I can, with pictures, videos and more importantly the Official National Treasure 3 trailer when its released by Disney, as well as the actual movie plot! Since this page was created back when the movie was first “announced” and rumored, there has been very little in the way of updates but I have added a short movie review and I am in the process of getting the sequel reviewed also as well as high quality movie trailers below. One thing that has happened though is Nicolas Cage was interviewed and asked about NT3 amoungst other things. I would love to hear what you readers think the third movie will be about, leave a comment below and we can start a rumor/wish list. 


I have been receiving a few comments with questions about the movie so instead of answering all the comments with the same question and answer I decided to list sone of them below.

Will there even be a thirst movie?

I can't answer this questions 100% but there is no reason not to think its at least in the works. This doesn't mean I am saying 'Yes' for 100%, it just means I am fairly sure it will be with us eventually. Nicolas Cage has recently spoke about the movie and why it hasn't already been done.

Will there really be Aliens in the move?

Maybe, I honestly have no idea. Its just a rumour that was doing the rounds last year - I would like to think not though!

When will the movie be in cinemas?

As of yet there has been no confirmation of the release date or timeline for the third instalment but if I were to guess I would say mid or late 2015 for a trailer or at least an announcement

Will Nicholas Cage be in NT3?

I wouldn't see why not, I don't think it would be the same without the main character from the first 2 movies.

Do you have the trailer yet?

No, as soon as I have the trailer I will upload it as soon as possible.

National Treasure 3 Trailer

To get you in the mood of watching it we have the movie trailer below. Enjoy!

I have uploaded a new HD trailer for the sequel.

Nicolas Cage Talks about National Treasure 3

Below we have a video which was published last year. Nicolas Cage talks about many things including his current movie work and with that he drops some great information about the state of the movie and when/if it will ever be made. At least we have someone with merit to listen to about the chances of the movie being released, maybe we will get another interview where he will let us know about a potential release date.

  • HorrorMovies

    I think it will be roswell that was on Page 47…

    • Nathan Payne

      I wouldn’t mind if it was Roswell related but I think a full blown alien movie would maybe push it a little… Need to wait and see what was actually on Page 47 I guess, but that doesn’t stop us guessing :)

  • Nathan Pruitt

    I’m holding out for Roswell/Atlantis on this one, but who knows! If it’s treasure i’d say Atlantis is the more likely subject here! IMHO

  • Melissa

    I read it could be about the lost city of Roanoke.

  • Mr Colt M1911A1

    It does not involve Area 51(aliens) nor JFK assassination, due to those two subjects being located on pages following the pages that contained information on the resolute desks. No one will know until the trailer or more information on the film.maybe more on the subject of Benjamin Franklin himself or possibly World War II and the war with Germany. But due to having many presidents prior, possibly something the George Washington had entered in the book. It is the first 47 pages so it has to be some one of the first 3 presidents had entered?

  • Mrs Woods

    I like the idea of Atlantis, but what about something in Egypt… lost cities, lost treasures (sorry I’ve been reading the 39 clues) were there Free Masons in Egypt? What about the Lost Rhoades Mines, Lost Spanish Mines, famous bank robbers stash. Just some ideas. I can’t wait for something!!!

  • Nana B

    Maybe it has to do with Incan gold hidden from the Spaniards? or Aztec tombs/treasures? A sunken galleon with loads of treasure? Greek treasure? Lots of plausible possibilities…Hope it comes out soon!!

  • Hospoguy76

    I really am wanting there to be another and many more National Treasures but the fact no trailer has been brought out and no concrete news of even filming happening makes me very worried that the whole movie franchise has been put to bed.

  • Dave Tarno

    I had actually read a few months ago (I forget where) that the plot/sub-plot of N.T.3 was to involve Fort Knox in some way & the gold or “absence of gold” related to the Fort. If so, that could be pretty interesting since nobody truly knows what’s inside anymore!!!!

  • Larry

    The beill book or lost Dutchman oak island Braddock gold there are many lost treasures in america also the cup at the last supper

  • Luke

    As long as we don’t have to wait another 2-3 years for this movie, people will still want to see it.

  • Kevin combs

    I can’t wait I love them movies.I think it should be about the mystery treasure on oak island.The whole curse of oak island thing that would be great.

  • Mary Smith

    I would like the movie to center on the Lost Colony of Roanoke, one of history’s best unsolved mysteries. I remember reading about Virginia Dare in grade school and 40 years later the story is still intriguing. Flashbacks of the establishment of the colony would be fascinating to see. But just get the movie made, 7 years is too long to wait!!

    • justin

      it was solved the indians in the area were half white -.-

  • missy

    Can not wait to see it!!

  • Bob

    Wouldn’t you think that the plot of National Treasure 3 would follow whatever was on page 47 of the Presidents Book of Secrets? It might just be me, but I kind of want to know what was on page 47.

    • Nathan Payne

      Yes, that will more than likely be what National Treasure 3 is about. All of the rumours and suggestions we have posted take into consideration that Page 47 is involved. Any ideas yourself?

  • @lexis denis

    I thought it be about fort Knox

  • karma

    i agree with many that we just wont know until a trailer come out. i like some of the ideas and guess attempts though, some very well thought out plausable theories. however, i think as with the first 2 films, they arnt going to be something we can guess at, its likely to be something we know very little about, if anything at all. looking forward to it though, although as someone else mentioned- if they do roswell and go all alien on us, that may very well ruin the whole trilogy. and theres no way they will do jfk by the way, far too controversial for a disney film.. the whole film would be a lie and again would ruin the trilogy.

  • Apeksha khanna

    I am desperately waiting for this film.

  • michael mcneil

    I’m really shocked that they didn’t keep this going when it was hot . especially when cage is basically broke you would think that he would be pushing hard for it. People are always going to intrigued with mystery and treasure. I don’t understand how they don’t see big $$$. Look at fast and furious and all those that made huge money, the hangover movies ect. It’s proven in today’s world that big name and past success almost guarantees a 3rd if success in 1st two. I’ve think that they missed a huge window even though I still think 3 will be a huge success. It’s not like the main characters are hard to get. Cage, the German girl and wiley. Come on. Easy to get. As for the plot how could it not be about page 47. If it’s not I think people would be really disappointed. I also hope that they keep it as realistic as the 1st two. That’s what made it so intriguing. That both plots are possibly could be true in some way. It creates water bottle talk. So if they go alien base I think it would ruin it.this could realistically go on and on because of all the unknown questions about the past. Civil War, world war 1 and 2. The time of the gangsters capone ect. All of these are interesting if written right

  • peacepixi

    My husband thinks it could also be Roswell.. since just watching x-man.. I think it would be neat to see them do something on mutations.: -)

  • wilson

    It will be about either the ark of the covenant or the Holy Grail