Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been around for a few years now with each Halloween holiday getting a new movie, excluding last year when we got a later spinoff – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. The announcement of Paranormal Activity 5 last year was of no real surprise to anyone considering how well the previous paranormal horror movies have done. Paranormal Activity 1 through to Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones has generated a crazy $800,000,000+ in revenue! Now considering the first Paranormal Activity movie was written and filmed on a $15,000 its not done too badly. The actual budget for the full series was less than $20,000,000, thats is one hell of a profit for 5 movies.

So no wonder there is going to be a Paranormal Activity 5, although its actually the 6th movie in the franchise! The official name of the move will be Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension. According to IMDB the movie has an October 23rd release date which means we are back to the normal Halloween release schedule for Paranormal Activity 5.

Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension – Plot

The first real plot details have been released for Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension, which is to be released October 24th 2014. This time round the story will center around a young family, Ryan and Emily with their daughter Leila and there is also Ryan’s brother Mike. They have just moved to Palo Alto and Ryan is due to start a new job at a games developer (Rockstar, I am lead to believe?!). The family suffered a loss of a young child 1 year previous to the movie, so no guesses on that being a BIG part of the story.

Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension will also be closely connected to the ending of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones according to Christopher Landon, the directory of The Marked Ones.

Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

The movie trailer for Paranormal Activity 5 has not been released although there is a very good fan made movie trailer below. Usually the studio will start releasing some small teasers in the summer months on the build up to the movie being released, so we have something to look forward to… I hope!

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Trailer